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Up-to-date information for road haulage operators and professional drivers against the background of the Ukraine crisis

The repercussions of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine are enormous. This also applies to passenger and goods transport by road. We would therefore like to draw attention to the following measures taken by the Federal Government and the EU to mitigate the impact of the war on commercial passenger and goods transport by road.

1) Up-to-date information for operators from Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova

The EU has concluded temporary road transport agreements with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova that have been provisionally applicable since 29 June 2022. As a result, bilateral and transit transport between the EU and the two countries is not subject to approval until 30 June 2023. Furthermore, the requirement to carry an international driving licence is waived in this context with regard to Ukraine.

2) Up-to-date information on driving licences and certificates of professional competence

On 18 July 2022, the EU Council adopted the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down specific and temporary measures, in view of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, concerning driver documents issued by Ukraine in accordance with its legislation. Regulation (EU) No 2022/1280 entered into force on 27 July 2022.

Before this Regulation can have its full effect, however, certain statutory regulations and technical measures still have to be introduced in Germany.

In accordance with Article 9(2) of the Regulation, it shall cease to apply on 6 March 2025, at the latest, or earlier if the temporary protection status comes to an end. For information on who is eligible for this measure, please refer to the homepage of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.
In cooperation with the federal states, the Federal Motor Transport Authority, the Federal Printing Office and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport is currently working towards creating the necessary administrative and legal bases for the temporary recognition of Ukrainian professional drivers’ qualifications in Germany, as called for by the EU.

For general information on the validity of Ukrainian driving licences in Germany and further information, please also refer to the homepage of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport.

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